Consequences of the emissions scandal: Invensity advises complete certification of automotive software

Innovation consulting company Invensity considers comprehensive and standardized certification of automotive software as the way to achieve security again

Wiesbaden, October 13, 2015 – Third-party or unknown software poses one of the greatest risks to the future of the automobile. The technology and innovation consulting company Invensity warns against this. „The current VW emissions scandal is a good example of how software has become extremely important to the whole industry. It is all the more important to introduce certification to confirm the security of the software in the entire car. This obviously includes compliance with security guidelines of external multi-media systems, such as Apple and Google, which collect a vast amount of personal data with their combination of hardware and software,“ explains Paul Arndt, Head of the Software Engineering Center of Excellence at the technology and innovation consulting company Invensity (


The greatest security risks of digital mobility

The Invensity consultant sees possible complete certification as a major opportunity for the industry to meet growing customer demands. An assumption confirmed by the clear results in the latest Invensity Innovation Report „The Future of the Automobile 2015/2020“: 52 percent of the experts and executives surveyed in the automotive industry consider that end users are much more sensitive to possible security risks on and in the car. The experts consider 30 percent to have become at least a little more sensitive. The report was produced at the „IAA 2015“ trade fair in Frankfurt am Main from surveys of experts and executives in the automotive industry. „Security must always be ensured when using software. Unfortunately, the reporting around VW has greatly undermined confidence in IT and software security in vehicles. Only clear statements and certified security can regain customer confidence,“ says Arndt.

Potential hacker activities are among drivers‘ greatest fears. According to the Invensity report, 87 percent of respondents say this is the greatest risk. 22 percent say dependence on software manufacturers is a problem. Almost half of respondents fear that they will fall victim to possible hackers. Faulty circuits are another worry for drivers. 52 percent, i.e. more than half, consider the greatest difficulty caused by the continual digitization of the automotive industry is possible technical problems. 15 percent say that too much digitization in cars could mean too great a distraction from traffic. Only 11 percent see no risks, only advantages, in a car that is almost completely digital.

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