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Study: Germany’s nightmare of connected cars – INVENSITY Competence Center

Study: Germany’s nightmare of connected cars

Invensity Innovation Report „The Future of the Automobile 2015/2020“ considers previously lacking standards as the essential basis of car-to-car and car-to-x communication

Wiesbaden, November 25, 2015 – The communication between the car and its environment, known as car-to-x communication, is still in its infancy all over the world. This is a real challenge for hackers who want to gain access to digitized cars. Germany, as a car-loving nation, seems to be slow to meet the current demands for a digital automobile, despite the efforts of various manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi. The latest Connected Car Innovation Index even reaches the drastic conclusion that „Germany is a developing digital country“.

„Comprehensive networking between cars and their environment could, for example, make it possible to identify an obstacle, such as black ice on the road, and to warn following cars. Or the digital information from various vehicles could be used to display free parking spaces, which all connected cars are able to access. However, even if the exchange of data often works, many things in this planned networking are still a long way off and require more stringent security precautions. Without an intelligent and fast infrastructure, Germany will continue to be referred to as a ‚developing digital country‘,“ says Paul Arndt, Head of Information Security at the technology and consulting company Invensity.


Fewer accidents in future due to connected cars

In addition to the infrastructure, such as the necessary sensors, which would have to be strategically planned and properly developed, Arndt also speaks of a current lack of standards in the developments. Only when this has been sorted out could car-to-car and car-to-x communication be used to its full advantage. This would also include reducing the number of accidents on Germany’s roads and freeways. 43 percent of the automotive experts surveyed assume that the accident statistics would be improved by functioning digital communication. 21 percent say that the accident statistics would be greatly improved, whereas 22 percent (around the same percentage) assume the statistics would get worse. Only 14 percent of respondents assume that the statistics would remain the same.

For positive development to be possible, Invensity experts think that, in addition to the fundamental issues, it is important to obtain more answers. For example, it must always be clear who is responsible in the event of an accident with automated vehicles or how the vehicle controls can be protected from dangerous electronic attacks. „To ensure that the dream of connected cars does not become a nightmare, it is necessary for developers and legislators to take action. The connected car can only become a reality in the near future if all parties play their part,“ says Arndt.

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