Secure on-board electronics are vital when buying a new car

Invensity Innovation Report „The Future of the Automobile 2015/2020“ documents the most important criteria when buying a new car


Wiesbaden, February 23, 2016 – New car sales are on the rise. In January 2016 alone, the number of new cars registered in the EU rose by more than 6 percent. 44 percent of experts and executives in the automotive industry consider secure on-board electronics to be one of the most important criteria when buying a new car. This is one of the findings of the Invensity Innovation Report „The Future of the Automobile 2015/2020“. This is only topped by the high level of price sensitivity expressed by the automotive experts at 59 percent. „Cars that can be driven by unauthorized parties using remote control, faulty circuits in the software, as in the ignition scandal – Manufacturers must now, more than ever, pay close attention to security in the close interaction between software and vehicle in order to meet customer requirements. This is the only way they can survive on the market,“ says Paul Arndt, Head of Cyber Security at the innovation consulting company Invensity (


The new car of tomorrow: safe, attractive and reasonably priced

The experts think that one reason for the increased need for security lies in the industry’s future. 74 percent, almost three-quarters, of the experts and executives surveyed in the Innovation Report emphasize the growing relevance of the automobile as an everyday living and working environment. They also want various security gaps to be closed. This mainly concerns the fear of falling victim to attacks by hackers.

Security and costs are, however, only two of the criteria influencing the purchase of a new car. 41 percent of respondents also said the design of the car was important. 37 percent said „low fuel consumption“ would play a part in deciding which new car to buy. An important factor for a third of respondents is that the new car should be environmentally friendly. 30 percent would like to have a crash-proof car, while 22 percent say that it is crucial for a new vehicle to be comfortable. Intelligent park-assist systems still play a role for a quarter of respondents when they are deciding what car to buy. The make of car seems to be of lesser importance in the survey and only 11 percent of respondents give this as a relevant factor when buying a car. Only 9 percent of respondents assume that the size of the new car could have a major impact on the buying decision.

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