Drivers are driving blind: Autonomous driving can put lives at risk

Invensity innovation consulting company: Cautious Germans would still rather drive themselves Wiesbaden,

July 12, 2016 – Another crisis has come in the wake of the global shock waves caused by some car manufacturers‘ emission values. The US car manufacturer Tesla’s autopilot function has now fallen into disrepute after one fatality and other as yet unexplained accidents. Germans instinctively have a critical view of this system, as shown in a survey conducted by the international technology and innovation consulting company Invensity ( This survey revealed that 62 percent of almost 100 IT experts surveyed are certain that Germans would still prefer to drive themselves. Paul Arndt, Head of Cyber Security at Invensity, says, „It remains to be seen what other accidents with self-driving cars will be reported in the media and if they will have a detrimental impact on public opinion about autonomous driving in the near future.“ He refers to the case of Joshua David Brown this May; it was the first time that a person was driven to his death in a self-driving car.

The Federal Department of Transport is looking into this
As a result of this incident, the German authorities are now also conducting their own investigations. Functions may have been integrated into the Tesla autopilot without any safety checks as part of the type approval. This would mean the vehicle would lose its approval on the German and European markets.

Software as a danger
„This situation clearly shows how the technical world is changing. Software is now a key part of a vehicle with crucial safety and other implications. This also has to be taken into account when issuing type approval, which must also be subject to obligatory updates,“ urges Paul Arndt. The autopilot function was installed as an update in the electric car from Palo Alto, with drivers being left to use the function classed as a beta version. „In this case, the desire to play around with the system was quick to take hold. A software manufacturer should not be allowed to release key safety features so easily when the user does not have the knowledge required to use them,“ continues the Senior Consultant from Invensity. The subject of cyber security is also relevant in this respect. If a system can cause the car to have an accident, care has to be taken to ensure that this system is also protected from hackers.

Cyber security from the start
For Invensity expert Arndt, security is the number one priority and development must be secure from the very start. His company offers the Invensity Security Assessment Tool (ISAT) for this purpose. The system accompanies software development from the very first day and guarantees the highest standard of security.

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