Study: Digital revolution forms the new basis

The Invensity consulting company warns big businesses against handling digitization with outdated solutions from the industrial revolution

 Wiesbaden, April 21, 2015 – The digital revolution will cause greater upheaval in society and the workplace than was originally thought. This is the conclusion drawn from the latest findings of the „Trend Study: IT and Technology Report 2020“ from the technology and consulting company Invensity GmbH. 68 percent of IT experts and executives surveyed in the study expect the digitization of the economy to bring about fundamental changes in all sectors. However, this is also about a revolution down to the very last detail. For example, 84 percent of respondents assume that the Digital Revolution will create new occupational groups that did not exist before – for example, taxi drivers could be replaced by self-driving cars. „Germany’s future will be data-driven. It doesn’t make any sense to compare these profound changes with the achievements of the industrial revolution in the 19th century,“ warns Invensity’s Director Frank Lichtenberg. 


Radical change in careers, society and private life

According to the Director of Invensity, the consequences of digitization include not only speed, transparency and progress, they also include radical changes in previously established social structures, such as the changing role of man in the workplace. In the course of only a few years, the worker has progressed from being a worker to controlling the intelligent factory. However, such side effects of digital progress have often been underestimated to date. The Invensity study shows that almost two-thirds of respondents doubt that top managers fully understand what fundamental changes threaten an industry with new business models. „And this is precisely where the danger lies,“ says Lichtenberg. „Industrial giants like Germany have to take digitization seriously and transfer it into new business concepts if possible so that they can remain competitive. Otherwise, they will simply be steamrollered by a wave of data,“ forecasts the Director of Invensity.

The legal framework also needs to be established. This is also confirmed by the Invensity study: 64 percent of the IT experts surveyed think that legal issues are far from being clarified. Only nine percent assume that the legal situation is already prepared for such developments. However, there is agreement on the general question of whether digitization will bring major changes, with only 16 percent in the „Trend Study: IT and Technology Report 2020“ saying that it was over-exaggerated to talk of a “Digital Revolution”.

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