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Survey: Driving fun instead of self-driving cars – INVENSITY Competence Center

Survey: Driving fun instead of self-driving cars

Invensity innovation consulting company: Driverless cars could become part of everyday life like the smartphone 

Wiesbaden, May 11, 2016 – The vast majority of Germans reject self-driving cars because they take the fun out of driving. This is the finding of the latest expert survey conducted by the international technology and innovation consulting company Invensity (www.invensity.com). According to this survey, 62 percent of the 85 experts and executives surveyed assume that most drivers enjoy driving themselves. „However, this survey finding reflects only the current state of affairs and does not take into account that most of them still haven’t had the opportunity to be impressed by a self-driving car,“ concedes Paul Arndt, Head of the Cyber Security Center of Excellence at Invensity.


Majority: Self-driving cars increase safety

According to the survey, the majority of experts (57 percent) are also of the opinion that most people in Germany, at least for the time being, have no interest in sitting in a car that automatically drives them to their destination. However, almost two-thirds admit that this would increase road safety. The „automatic car“ as a way of saving time – for example, the car could drive the children to school on its own, etc. – is considered relevant by 47 percent of the experts; 53 percent think that would be „absurd“.

„In response to the key question of whether we will all simply become used to self-driving cars in the next few years and decades, most of the experts surveyed are skeptical,“ says Invensity Principal Consultant, Paul Arndt. According to the survey, two-thirds of the respondents do not think that people will „simply“ get used to self-driving cars on the roads. However, when asked if most people would find „cars without drivers“ „weird“, only 39 percent of the experts said yes. The fear that computer-controlled cars would lead to more accidents is limited to around a quarter (26 percent) of those surveyed.


Undecidedness does not rule out self-driving cars being accepted as part of everyday life.

„The survey results express a certain amount of undecidedness,“ is how Arndt interprets the results. The Invensity expert makes a historical comparison with mobile communications: „All surveys in Germany on the subject of cell phones before the devices became widely available had a clear thrust that there was no need for cell phones, because people had managed without them so far, because they were expensive and because people didn’t want to be available 24/7. Now we know better; hardly anyone would want to be without mobile communications in their private or professional life. We may see a similar trend with self-driving cars. If so, self-driving cars would become as much a part of everyday life as the smartphone is today.“


Invensity GmbH is an up-and-coming international technology and innovation consulting company with an international focus. It has offices in the German cities of Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart and Munich as well as in the USA in Detroit. Invensity uses its Academy and Innovation Center to provide an ongoing outstanding level of service to renowned companies in the field of research and development. High-quality training and one-on-one mentoring build the knowledge, talent and skills of Invensity’s employees, enabling them to develop approaches to their work and competencies that can be applied across the range of projects undertaken in the company’s departments.

Further information: Invensity GmbH, Parkstraße 22, 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany, tel. +49(0) 0611 504 754 0, email: info@invensity.com, website: www.invensity.com Press contact: Manuel Sollbach, email: manuel.sollbach@invensity.com

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